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A•KA•MAI – /ah’ kah’ mye/

Akamai Graphics is a brand development, graphics design and web design company based in Southern California.  I’m a freelance designer who works with clients throughout the United States.  Communication is a core component of my process and together we discuss your goals and vision.  We work as partners on concepts and create something that’s not only beautiful, but crafting your story to get people to engage with your brand.

Design Services

I strive to create great design solutions for businesses and start-ups.


Design should have consistency throughout. Everything from your logo, to colors, to fonts, print material and more. With branding I’ll develop a solid foundation that reflects your style and in addition, makes an effective marketing tool that you’ll be able to build upon for many years to come.


Graphic design is more than art - it’s marketing and needs to have a purpose and message. Whether I design your logo or you need to strengthen your existing marketing efforts, I will craft your visual message and print your materials to match your companies style. I amplify this through inspired creative and design thinking.

Website Design

Online presence is important to the success of your business. I’ve teamed up with my friend, Aaron Seedorf, a very talented website developer that builds and customizes beautiful Craft and WordPress websites. Collectively, we complete the branding duo. From the back-end management of content, to the front-end aesthetic - we deliver a sophisticated and innovative user experience throughout making a memorable impression.


Hello, my name is Kanela and I’m your personal creative designer.  At a young age, drawing sparked my creative curiosities.  I wondered what would it look like if buildings were built with curves or the Van Halen logo would look cool if I did a 3D effect to it!  Then, during my architectural career I’ve discovered how much I love to help people with design.  That became the start of Akamai Graphics.  Akamai Graphics became the start of new challenges and big hopes.  Soon afterwards, I was approached with an opportunity and I became a partner with an awesome Full Service Creative Design Firm in Costa Mesa, CA.  I have been fortunate and humbled by the challenges and creative ventures.  I carry those invaluable lessons and experience in business and design development into my own business.

I’m inspired by art, music, everything the ocean has to offer, new city destinations and artfully plated food.  My design philosophy is to create with purpose so that I help you and your company have something valuable, meaningful and beautiful to grow your brand.

A few fun facts about myself

Running in the early morning fuels my day.  Never liked the taste of coffee until a friend turned me on to Flat White Espresso’s.  I’m a sushiholic.  I prefer flip flops over shoes.   The ocean/beach is my happy place.  I also love spending free time with my husband and two grown boys!


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